myTenders is the market leading web portal for the publication and management of tender notices in the UK.

More than 700 UK public authorities actively use the myTenders service for the publication and management of their tender notices. myTenders enables them to meet their OJEU publication requirements as well as their obligations under the European Treaty to ensure an appropriate level of advertising’ is reached for all contracts.

Service Overview

There are three myTenders options, ranging from the free publication service to the bespoke portal, which can be configured for individual organisations or consortia. myTenders offers the following functions:


  • Notice Publication - OJEU & Lower Value
  • Attach Documents
  • Buyers Profile
  • Statistical Return
  • Access Levels
  • Library
  • Question and Answer Facility
  • eTendering (Tender Postbox)
  • Supplier Search
  • Guides/Legislation
  • Expert Legal Advice
  • Quick Quote


  • Notice Search
  • Express an Interest
  • Track Interests
  • Purchaser Search
  • Email Alerts
  • eTendering

Purchasers and Suppliers also receive expert help and guidance from our experienced support team, ensuring that notices are fully compliant.

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  • More than 700 public authority users
  • Meets all European Treaty obligations
  • Fully supported
  • Market leader in UK
"We have have been using the myTenders PRO service for around four years. The system is very user friendly, assists in complying with EU and UK Regulations and facilitates supplier engagement"

Charlie Piechniczek, Procurement Manager - West Berkshire Council